Artists News Özgü Namal’s return to TV series project will cause great pain in the hearts!

Özgü Namal’s return to TV series project will cause great pain in the hearts!


Famous actress Özgü Namal is making preparations to take part in TV series sets again after years. Born in 1978, the actress last appeared in front of her fans in the 2013-2014 season with the project called Merhamet.

The actress, who has been on the agenda many times with her marriage, choosing a quiet and secluded life, giving birth to 2 children and losing her husband painfully early, will be on the sets again after 9 years.

Özgü Namal, who pleased her fans by accepting the TV series Kızıl Goncalar (Red Buds) in which she starred with Özcan Deniz, will be the lead role of a very impressive story.

In line with the information conveyed by the television critic Sina Koloğlu, the actress, whom we will watch with a female character who goes to clean the houses, will portray the character named Meryem.

The crossing of the paths of Özcan Deniz as Doctor Levent and Özgü Namal as the cleaner will take them to their past.

Levent and Meryem are people from different worlds, but there is a secret from their past that allows them to meet each other. This secret will be the most important attraction of the Kızıl Goncalar series.

In October, the team of the series will be on the set, and in this case, the possibility of broadcasting the first episode in November appears.

The Kızıl Goncalar series, which will be broadcast on Fox TV, is expected to be one of the most influential projects of the new season.