Özgürcan Çevik returns to the screen, Çember begins on Kanal D!
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2 October 2022 10:37


Özgürcan Çevik returns to the screen, Çember begins on Kanal D!

The first movie of the series, “Yolun Sonundaki Kız”, comes to the screen on Sunday, September 05. The Çember series, directed by Abdullah Oğuz, is on Kanal D with its new episodes. Özgürcan Çevik will return to the screen after a long break. The actor, who recently met with the audience with Şevkat Yerimdar, has not been on the screen for 2 years.

Özgürcan Çevik, Tuvana Türkay and Barış Bağcı are in the cast of Çember, a detective film series that tells the story and adventures of a special team established by the Istanbul Police Department.

The subject of “Yolun Sonundaki Kız”, the first film of the Çember, produced by Ans Productions & Evrensel Films and produced by Evren Oğuz, is as follows:

In the forest of Aydos, the corpse of a young man who was killed by 2 shots in the back is found. No identification is found on the body, but a young girl named Ecrin Ayçiçek is found nearby. The only evidence at hand is this identity card. Our team goes after Ecrin to shed light on the incident. But when they come to the house of the young girl, a big surprise awaits them.

What kind of relationship is there between the unknown corpse and Ecrin? As Barış, Hakan and Zeynep deepen the investigation, they encounter information they never expected.

Çember “Yolun Sonundaki Kız” will be on Kanal D on Sunday, September 05 at 20.00.

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