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6 July 2022 04:28


Özgürcan Çevik, shining with Şevkat Yerimdar, returns to the screen again!

Successful actor Özgürcan Çevik has been involved in various projects since 2002. The actor, who gained a wide fan base with the character Onur in the TV series Fatih Harbiye, made his main debut with the movie Şevkat Yerimdar.

The film, which was released for the first time in 2013, was very popular, and the second was released in 2016. Then, the serial version of the movie met with the audience in the 2017-2018 season.

Şevkat Yerimdar, which was broadcast on Fox TV, started its journey with good ratings at that time and completed it in 19 episodes due to the falling interest. However, Fox TV rebroadcast the episodes of Şevkat Yerimdar every following year, ensuring that the series is not forgotten.

Özgürcan Çevik is almost identified with his character named Şevkat Yerimdar. The young actor last played a role in the Kanal D series İkizler Memo Can in the 2018-2019 season.

After 3 years, Özgürcan Çevik fans are back on the screen. The actress, whom you will watch in another Kanal D project, shares the lead role with Barış Bağcı and Tuvana Türkay.

Özgürcan Çevik, who we will watch as a policeman in the movie series Çember directed by Abdullah Oğuz, will meet with his fans on Kanal D screen in September.

The legendary chief commissioner of the Istanbul Police Department, Barış, together with his new team Zeynep and Hakan, are back at work to investigate mysterious murders. Our team will again follow the streets of Istanbul in order to illuminate the different and complex files in each film.

Özgürcan Çevik will portray the character of Hakan in the project. Çevik’s performance, which will meet with the audience again after 3 years, is eagerly awaited.

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