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3 July 2022 16:32


A remarkable deal from Burak Tozkoparan, who missed the lead role in the Destan series!

Young actor Burak Tozkoparan is among the prominent names recently. The actor, who has been on the sets since 2014, attracted attention in the series Kırgın Çiçek after Paramparça.

The actor, who gained acclaim with his performance in Menajerimi Ara after the productions of Tek Yürek and Gençliğim Evyah, found his new series for the new season. The actor, who was first considered for the lead role for the ATV series called Destan, was among those named for the character of Batuga.

Burak Tozkoparan, who competed with Kerem Arslanoğlu and Edip Tepeli for the role of Batuga, did not get the role. Edip Tepeli became the partner of Ebru Şahin in the lead role.

However, it turned out that Burak Tozkoparan also made an agreement for another role in the series. Burak Tozkoparan’s character in the Destan series, who gave a performance that pleased his fans, especially in the series Menajerimi Ara, is very curious.

Preparations for the series set in the eighth century are being carried out meticulously. The series team is expected to go to the set in September.

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