Artists News Pelin Karahan faced the facts with her husband’s illness!

Pelin Karahan faced the facts with her husband’s illness!

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The beautiful actress Pelin Karahan was the guest of Ceyda Düvenci in Bambaşka Sohbetler, which is broadcast on NTV every weekday.

Pelin Karahan, who had a warm conversation with Düvenci, made sincere statements. “Men do not like strong strong women. Men like to be submissive. They don’t want the woman who takes care of everything. In fact, it is necessary to establish balance.”

Pelin Karahan also told her marriage story for the first time: “We were planning to get married a year later, but when I got pregnant, we accelerated everything. We became parents directly without ever having experienced dating. “When the second child came right after, we became like we were always parents.”

She also talked about her husband’s illness for the first time…

Pelin Karahan also talked about her husband Bedri Güntay’s illness for the first time: “He had an embolism in my wife’s lung, we couldn’t understand it for 10 days, we thought he was having stomach pain, sand pouring out in 10 days… When it was discovered, he was immediately taken into surgery, then he had a second surgery, and now he is using blood thinners. “The disease taught us some things, the value of family, that there is nothing more important than health… The disease made us face the truth.”