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16 May 2022 20:02


Pınar Deniz gave a tip about the 29th new episode of the Yargı series, which will be broadcast on April 17

The popular TV series on Sunday evenings, Yargı (Judgment), receives great acclaim with every episode it airs and continues to lock the audience on the screen. The series, which the audience follows without taking their eyes off it for a moment with its flowing subjects and gripping story, comes to the screen with a completely different development in each episode.

Pınar Deniz published the cover of the scenario, in which screenwriter Sema Ergenekon found concise words that fit the story of each episode of the series and contain deep meanings.

These words, which have almost become the motto of the episode and are broadcast separately for each episode, first on social media and then in the first frame of the series, do not escape the attention of the audience.

These sentences, which contain a special depth to the spirit of each episode, are also compatible with the story.

While it is seen in Pınar Deniz’s sharing that very dramatic scenes await the audience in the 29th episode, the sad-faced emoji also reveals the situation…

Pınar Deniz’s share is above. The message of the screenplay for the 29th episode was chosen from the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. The words, which are like the summary of the episode, almost inform the viewers that the next episode is going to be quite shocking scenes!

“How can I hold my soul and not touch yours? The lines “How can I get over it to other things” almost reflect the inner pain of not knowing how to protect Ilgaz from this pain while trying to tell the truth to Ceylin!

It seems that Ilgaz will experience a deep pain before telling the truth to his great love Ceylin. The facts that will destroy him and his dreams for the future will bring a completely different process in the series… Pınar Deniz, with this sharing, gave the tip that the 29th episode of Yargı will be extremely sad…

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