Pınar Deniz summed up the course of Yargı series with a single photo!
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2 February 2023 20:52


Pınar Deniz summed up the course of Yargı series with a single photo!

Yargı series, broadcast on Channel D screens on Sunday evenings, will air tomorrow evening (12 December) with its 13th episode. The series has been followed with enthusiasm since its first broadcast. A scenario that is difficult to predict what will happen every week awaits the audience.

Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon makes unexpected developments in the story. Situations that were thought to be insoluble are suddenly resolved, and unexpected truths emerge. Some secrets of the characters and the unknowns in their private lives are developments that surprise the audience.

Pınar Deniz plays the character of Lawyer Ceylin and Kaan Urgancıoğlu plays the prosecutor Ilgaz. The screen compatibility of the duo had already passed the test in the Netflix series Love 101, in which they previously acted together. The two actors, whom the audience likes to each other, are appreciated with their successful performances.

The other two prominent characters of the series are Commissioner Eren and Prosecutor Pars. In fact, they are the names that tracked the murder of Ceylin’s sister İnci, all of them doing their jobs honestly and uncompromising when it comes to murder and the law, even though there are sometimes disagreements among them.

Uğur Aslan plays the character of Eren in the series. As the series progresses, the secrets of Eren’s past are revealed. Learning that he has a daughter years later, Eren is Ceylin and Ilgaz’s biggest assistant…

Mehmet Yılmaz, who sometimes plays the leading role with the character of Prosecutor Pars, is once again making his acting debut! He is one of the prominent names on social media most of the time in the series.

These three names are key figures in solving a murder and uncovering many more events. Therefore, they are indispensable in Yargı series. Although there are some tensions in the series, these three successful actors behind the camera also get along well with each other.

While Pınar Deniz’s post from the set reveals this situation, the note she fell on the photo was a sentence that revealed the course of Yargı series: “The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse!”

It is eagerly awaited that these four names will bring the criminals to justice by solving the murder of İnci and other events one by one.

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