Artists News Pınar Deniz used to be afraid of cats

Pınar Deniz used to be afraid of cats


Famous actress Pınar Deniz has made her name on the leading roles with her recent performance. The actress also receives great praise from her fans for her energy and beauty. Pınar Deniz, which has changed towards a personality facing its fears, is no longer the same as before.

“Do you dare to face your fears?” answered the question. Pınar Deniz said, “If I was the previous one,” No! ” I said, but I have changed so much and I am changing so much that it is an incredible pleasure to go over my fear. We have a strange bond between us with fear.

Admitting that she was afraid of cats in the past, Pınar Deniz went over it and overcame that fear.

“I was very afraid of the cat, for example, I went and owned a cat. Thanks to him, my relationship with everything alive has changed,” said the actress.

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Explaining that she is very afraid to listen to him, Pınar Deniz is now doing the opposite and listening to the feeling inside.

The words of Pınar Deniz are also very meaningful: “As I love myself and say no, I feel that I am strong and existent.”