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4 July 2022 08:52


Pınar Deniz will make the season finale with the Yargı but will be in front of her fans throughout the summer!

Pınar Deniz is rising so fast in her career that it is impossible to keep up. Pınar Deniz, who plays the character of Ceylin, will make the finale of the series Yargı (Judgment) this week.

Pınar Deniz, who attracted attention with her TV series Vatanım Sensin and made the biggest debut of her career with Aşk 101 (Love 101) and Yargı, comes to the fore every day with her talent and beauty in acting.

Kanal D series Yargı, in which Pınar Deniz plays the character of Ceylin, will make the season finale with the episode that will be screened this Sunday evening.

However, Pınar Deniz will not break up with her fans too much. Because the movie  Aşkın Kıyameti (The apocalypse of love), shared by Pınar Deniz with Boran Kuzum and Yiğit Kirazcı, will be screened on Netflix on 20 June. Thus, Pınar Deniz fans will have the opportunity to watch their favorite actress throughout the summer.

There is no information about the subject of the movie called Aşkın Kıyameti, which was shot around Fethiye. The shooting of the film, whose script was written by Yılmaz Erdoğan, was completed last summer. The producer of the film, directed by Hilal Saral, is BKM.

By the way, Pınar Deniz will not stay away from the sets throughout the summer. The successful actress will share the lead role with Uraz Kaygılaroğlu in the TV series Superstar, which will be shot for Disney Plus. Pınar Deniz will play a woman who acts as an actress during the day and turns into a serial killer at night.

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