Pınar Deniz's Disney Plus deal confused them! So what about the Yargı?
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23 March 2023 04:14


Pınar Deniz’s Disney Plus deal confused them! So what about the Yargı?

Disney Plus, the international digital broadcasting platform, is entering the Turkish market this summer. Aiming to make a very fast entry to Turkey, the platform has already made deals with a few of Turkey’s most popular players. One of these people is Pınar Deniz. This agreement of the leading actor of the Yargı series, which is still the first in the ratings, confused the fans of the series.

Yargı, the most successful work of this season, continues to rise. Yargı, which has not been able to seize the first place of its rival TRT 1 series The Teşkilat, has achieved this with 15 episodes. It passed the Teşkilat and took first place in the ratings.

The exciting scenario of 100 percent domestic production of the series and the successful performance of the actors brought the series to the top. The young actress made the biggest leap of her career with her performance as Ceylin, one of the main characters in Pınar Deniz.

It has been finalized that the talented actor has signed an agreement with Disney Plus, which is preparing to enter the Turkish market in August. In this case, Pınar Deniz will shoot a series for Disney Plus. So what about the Yargı series in this case?

This situation created a huge question mark in the minds of the Yargı audience. In this case, the finale of the series is one of the possibilities. Or Pınar Deniz will leave the series and Yargı will continue without Ceylin. With another possibility, the actress will work harder by making a plan to bring the two projects together.

Uncertainty about the situation of Pınar Deniz began to occupy the minds of the audience. Many series fans on social media are waiting for how the developments will turn out.

Without Ceylin’s character, it is very likely that this situation will negatively affect the ratings of the Yargı. As a matter of fact, Masumlar Apartmanı could not catch up with its previous ratings after the departure of Farah Zeynep Abdullah, the leading actress.

Pınar Deniz is one of the most popular actresses of the last period and she receives many offers. It would be unrealistic for the actor, who had a great break with the Yargı, to leave the project as long as the ratings go well. Fans of the series may be worried about Disney Plus, but maybe Pınar Deniz can make things easier by creating a gap between the season of Yargı.

As a result, it seems more likely that the confusion about Pınar Deniz’s situation in the TV series “Yargı” on social media will be resolved without causing any trouble.

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