Series News Planning the finale for a Aile tv series would be a smart choice!

Planning the finale for a Aile tv series would be a smart choice!


Serenay Sarıkaya and Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ are in the lead roles of the series titled Aile (Family), which is broadcast on Show TV on Tuesday evenings. It must be said that two young and successful names greatly impressed the audience.

The harmonious cooperation and high energy of the two famous actors, who very successfully portray the characters of Devin and Aslan in the story of the series, are talked about a lot on social media.

It became clear that Levent Ülgen, who last played the character of İbrahim in the TV series Aile, left the TV series. Following this development, the exit of an important leading actor from the story indicates that it is a step-by-step start towards the finale.

It seems that the story of the series will lead the audience to greater excitement as some events will be resolved soon.

There is an expectation that the family series will make its finale in the 30th episode. The reason for this expectation is that it was planned as a 30-episode project from the beginning.

It is not known whether the producer of the series, Ay Yapım, and the broadcaster Show TV will make a different decision, but many viewers have an expectation that the series will have its finale after 9 episodes.

Although the story was very successful in the first season, it would be a smart choice to make the finale after 9 episodes for the Aile series, which, contrary to expectations, was not at the desired level in the ratings in the second season.

At a point when the story gradually begins to bore the audience, the excitement created through various characters may attract the audience and guarantee good ratings for the next 9 episodes. However, since the possibility of the series being extended carries the risk of suddenly weakening the script, planning a broadcast of 30 episodes seems logical.