Series News Plans are broken towards the final in The Pit series!

Plans are broken towards the final in The Pit series!

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In the episode of The Pit, the phenomenon series signed by Ay Yapım, which appeared on Show TV, Vartolu and his team were prevented by a surprise name on Bilal. While Akın made an important move by preventing Uncle’s plan, he also managed to start the car of his grandfather, with whom he had been working for a long time. With his actions, Akın revealed that he was on the trail of İdris Koçovalı.

In the part of The Pit that came to the screens last night; While the uncle was organizing a new operation to close his account with Bilal, Vartolu took the head of this operation. Vartolu and his team were attacked on the way to the raid. The surprise name that set the trap was Akın Koçovalı. While Akın intercepted the Varto people and broke his Uncle’s plan, the action-filled moments that came to the screens in the final took his breath away. On the other hand, he managed to start his grandfather’s car, which he had been trying to repair for a long time. Akın, who took action against his uncle and made his decision, showed that his grandfather İdris Koçovalı was following the path of his moves. Akın Koçovalı was on the agenda by talking on social media for a long time with his surprise moves.

The Pit got good ratings with its new episode, which aired last night, and finished the day in second place in both total and ABC1 groups, and third in the EU. The social media power of the series was also very high.


Uncle, who knew that Efsun was in Çukur and wanted to find her, took action. Uncle’s men followed the Yamaç and reached the place where Efsun was staying. While the uncle told his men to give a dose of harmful substance that would not kill Efsun, Yamaç, who found Efsun again with harmful substances, experienced a great sadness.


Yamaç, who searched for Aliço and Emmi everywhere, finally managed to reach them. Yamaç, who went to the warehouse where Aliço and Emmi were kept, under the direction of Salim, attacked him with great ambition when he saw his Uncle’s man in front of him. Yamaç, whose patience was increasingly overflowing with what happened in Çukur, could not control his anger when he saw the beating Aliço was eating. Yamaç went to the fishing hut and beat everyone who came across him, and set fire to all the tables and chairs that Aliço had put in his house. With his actions, the slope clearly challenged the Uncle and Vartolu front once again. These exciting moments locked the viewers in front of the screen.

Yamaç took its revenge from Cenk

Yamaç took his revenge on Cenk, one of those who tortured him with Kulkan for years. Finding a photo of Kulkan and Cenk in front of his door, Yamaç immediately took action towards the address written. Yamaç, who abducted Kulkan from Cenk’s house at the last minute, managed to reach Cenk and took revenge for his experiences.

The highly anticipated new episode of The Pit is on Show TV on Monday evening at 20:00.