Series News The sudden leaving of Kubilay Aka, the leading role of The Pit, drew reaction!

The sudden leaving of Kubilay Aka, the leading role of The Pit, drew reaction!

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The 123rd episode of The Pit series met with the audience on the Show TV screen last night. One of the names found since the beginning of the series was Kubilay Aka, who gave life to the character of Celasun … The famous actor was recognized with the character of Ali Kemal in the TV series Wounded Love and made the biggest breakthrough of his career as Celasun in The Pit series.

The character of Celasun, who contributed greatly to the recognition of Kubilay Aka, is over in the story. The reason for this sudden separation of Kubilay Aka was also revealed. The famous actor is in the lead role of the TV series called Camtavanlar (Glass Ceilings), which is being prepared by OJO Pictures and will begin filming soon.

The word “Glass Ceilings”, which is used to express the obstacles to the promotion of women in the workplaces and issues such as social inequality and inequality of opportunity, became the name of the series.

The Celasun character is now left behind. Kubilay Aka will soon meet with the audience as restaurant owner Cem. Bensu Soral will be the partner of the famous actor in the TV series. The shooting of the series prepared for Show TV is expected to begin very soon.

There was a great objection from the audience about the way the Celasun character left The Pit series. Fans of the series shared many messages on social media for Celasun, who was killed by drowning in his vehicle and then buried in an unknown place. The hashtag #celasun was on the agenda on Twitter and more than 65 thousand messages were published. “What kind of farewell is this” phrase emerged as a common view and there was a serious reaction against the script writers.

A series of fans drew attention with the following note: “Celasun, who never smiled even once and always sacrificed himself for the good of Çukur, did not behave like this, the screenwriter. We will not forget you, Celasun. ”

Another TV fan, who said that he did not like the performance of the Celasun character for 2 seasons, rebelled with the following words: “Celasun suffered a lot. His father, his two younger siblings and his wife were killed. At least he deserved a happy ending. ”