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21 May 2022 16:37


Pregnancy pose has arrived! It is not long before Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci reunite with their son!

There is very little time left for actress Hande Soral, who got married to her colleague İsmail Demirci in 2017, to get a mother.

Hande Soral often shares her growing belly with her followers on her Instagram account, keeping her fans informed of the process.

The last share of the player shows that there is very little time left for birth. Hande Soral, who posted the photo of her growing belly on her Instagram account; ‘How much is there? It’s almost time!’ dropped the note.

The actress, who gives the good news that she is expecting a child to her fans on social media, also frequently shares about the pregnancy process. Announcing that they are expecting a boy, Hande Soral announced that they will name their son ‘Ali’ with İsmail Demirci’s post on social media.

Hande Soral, who takes great care in eating and drinking during her pregnancy, pays attention to what she eats and drinks under the supervision of a dietitian.

The famous actress also makes humorous posts, stating that she cannot follow the advice of her dietitian and doctor from time to time.

The couple’s baby is 8 months old. Her fans are waiting for the baby who will be born very soon, just as much as İsmail Demirci and Hande Soral couple. Many comments were made on the last share of the actress, such as “May it be blessed to hold your child in your arms with health”.

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