Pregnant Demet Evgar did not do like many celebrities, she did not hide the truth!
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5 October 2022 18:14


Pregnant Demet Evgar did not do like many celebrities, she did not hide the truth!

Famous actress Demet Evgar has been on the agenda with her pregnancy recently… The actress, who took the lead role in the TV series Alev Alev (Fire Fire) last season, also took part in the 41st Istanbul Film Festival as a jury member. Pointing to the importance of the effort that young names give to the cinema, the actress said that the festival was good for everyone after a long time.

Stating that it was good for everyone to watch movies together after a long time after the troubles experienced during the pandemic process, the actress said, “It was also very good to meet new directors and new talents. Since it is a long hiatus, everyone knows his worth more.”

Demet Evgar, who wished success to the new filmmakers, stated that as a member of the jury, they did their best to be fair. “I am in the children’s production workshop. Very enjoyable. Demet Evgar, who said “I am enjoying it”, stated that they are in the process of thinking about the name, but one name has come to the fore.

Demet Evgar said, “There are a few names we are considering. It has already been said, I think it will be blue,” she said.

Demet Evgar, who was chosen as the ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ by the United Nations Women’s Unit in Turkey, seems to be very excited during her pregnancy period, which has lasted 4 months. The actress, who is expecting a baby girl, stated that the name Mavi came to the fore and behaved differently from many celebrities who hide the name they would give their children in similar situations.

Awaiting the birth of Levent Babataş and her daughters, Demet Evgar did not go unnoticed with her cheerful mood.

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