Preparations for the second season of the Yargı series have begun! Look who gave the gospel!
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29 November 2022 19:20


Preparations for the second season of the Yargı series have begun! Look who gave the gospel!

The screenwriter of the TV series, Sema Ergenekon, announced with a post on her Instagram account that the new season preparations of Kanal D’s Yargı (Judgment) series, which left its mark on the past season, have started.

Yargı, which appeared as one of the most successful works of Kanal D last season, managed to lock the audience on the screen every week.

Sema Ergenekon shared with the note “Preparation for the new season” that the preparations for the new season of the Yargı series, starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, have begun.

Yarg, one of the most successful series of this season with its unique characters, breathtaking story and successful acting, left its mark on the screens with its final episode published on May 29.

Let’s remember what happened in the season finale of the series; While Ceylin and Igaz got married again after the murder of Zafer was solved, the audience was very happy, but the detail in the last scene shocked! In the last scenes of a few episodes, the audience witnessed the arrest of Ceylin 6 months later as a murder suspect. The short scenes that appeared on the screen at the end of the episode were combined and published in more detail in the final episode. Ceylin, with a bloody knife in her hand, was taking shelter in her office.

While she was still thinking about where to put the knife with blood on it, Eren broke the door and took her to Forensic Medicine, where she learned that the fingerprint in the garbage container belonged to Ceylin and was destroyed. While the blood sample taken from the wedding ring in Ceylin’s hand drew attention, it was also surprising that she said she would confess after going to the police station.

The continuation of this scene came in the season finale. Eren’s harsh behavior towards Ceylin was already attracting attention. Due to this situation, it was understood that Ceylin killed or injured a popular name in the series. The fact that Eren was so angry and upset was also related to the murdered person.

Finally, Eren, who confessed to the murder in a few short sentences, said to Ceylin, “Tell me about it,” and said, “Why did you kill Ilgaz Kaya?” he asked! “How did you do it, how did you cut it? How did you kill Ilgaz Kaya?” he added!

These sentences were the striking answer to one of the questions that the audience had been waiting for a while. Yes, it was understood that the murdered person was Ilgaz, but why Ceylin did this and how she got to that point is hanging in the air for now! The answer to this question will be given in the new season episodes.

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