Preparations for the third season of Kardeşlerim series have started! Ahu Yagtu is very happy!
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30 September 2022 01:51


Preparations for the third season of Kardeşlerim series have started! Ahu Yagtu is very happy!

Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and Sisters) series, which was broadcast on ATV screens for 2 seasons, shook the audience in the first season with its heavy drama story. The series, with its continuing episodes, quickly increased the ratings and secured the second season by attracting the audience.

Despite the separations from the series in the second season and some changes in the story, the interest in the series Kardeşlerim continued. Kardeşlerim series, directed by Serkanİlk, is now a highly anticipated production with its third season.

The shooting of the series, whose new season is eagerly awaited, will begin shortly. Ahu Yağtu, who gave life to the character of “Suzan” in the series, stated that the reading rehearsals had started in her Instagram account and published a photo with her co-star Celil Nalçakan.

Yagtu wrote the following under the photo; “We practiced reading today. What a great thing, we got it. We start again where we left off. We never left, we just missed and finally got together.”

Serkan Birinci sits in the director’s chair of the TV series, Kardeşlerim, which includes experienced actors as well as young generation successful actors.

In the third season of the series, Kardeşlerim, which attracts great attention not only in Turkey but also abroad, innovations will be made to renew the interest and attract other viewers to the series. Expectations are that the series will be ambitious in the new season as well.

Celil Nalçakan, the master actor who plays the character of ‘Akif’ in the series, recently shared on social media, “I’ve just read the first episode of the new season… Great!” His words as well excited the audience of the series.

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