Series News Ratings and actions scenes of Arıza are different!

Ratings and actions scenes of Arıza are different!

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Striking developments in the episode of Arıza, signed by 03 Medya, which was screened on Show TV, drew attention. While the whole order in the consortium changed as a result of the decisions of the Elder, the tension-filled moments that Haşmet Gürkan confronted Fuat Ersoylu in the final were breathtakingly watched.

In the episode of Arıza, which was watched with admiration and left its mark on Sunday evenings by Show TV, the stones in the Ersoylu family were moved as a result of the decisions of İhtiyar, which upset the balance in the consortium. Murat Ersoylu’s sitting on the seat instead of Fuat caused cracks in the family. After the decisions were taken, while Fuat and Burak took action by attacking, Murat Ersoylu’s side of Ali Rıza and Haşmet Ağa shocked everyone.

While Fuat and Burak’s attack plan backfired, all these striking developments changed the balances in the consortium completely. In the tense moments when Haşmet Gürkan was against Fuat Ersoylu in the final, the excitement reached its peak. While what will happen between Haşmet and Fuat was a matter of great curiosity, it left a question mark on how the order in the consortium will be from now on.

With a total of 6 rates in the ratings, Arıza became the most watched TV series on Sunday evening in this category and finished the day in 4th place. This was recorded as an important success. The series, which was slightly lower in the EU, finished the day in 6th place. In the ABC1 group, the series, which is very close to 5, finished the day in 6th place and again achieved a significant success. With the start of the exciting episode, the hashtag #KurallarBelli has been talked about on social media for a long time.


When Haşmet confronted Fuat for the first time after learning that his wife and children were killed by Fuat, this confrontation between Haşmet and Fuat was the scene of tension filled moments. Haşmet, who met with the old man, did not do anything to Fuat by sticking to the agreement they made. While a ceasefire was provided in the consortium at the request of the elder, Mithat became the new president of the partnership. Elder’s decisions changed all balances not only in the consortium but also in the Ersoylu family. The Elder, who dismissed Fuat, brought Murat Ersoylu, one of his sons, in his place.


While Fatih was being sent off on his last journey in tears, Ali Rıza, who swore revenge before the funeral, asked Fatih to account for those who did this. Ali Rıza, who went after those responsible, found them and took the revenge of Fatih.