Series News Ratings in the Aile series increased, things started to get better!

Ratings in the Aile series increased, things started to get better!


The start of the new season of the TV series Aile (Family), starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya, did not meet the expected ratings. The increase in the ratings in the 15th episode, which was broadcast last Tuesday evening, did not go unnoticed as an important development.

Things are going well in the Aile series, which has a cast consisting of important names such as Levent Ülgen, Emel Göksu, Nur Sürer, Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder, Selin Şekerci, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik, Mert Denizmen.

There was an increase in all audience categories in the second episode of the second season. While there was a significant jump in the AB group, rates well above the average were also achieved in the ABC1 group.

There was also an increase in the ratings in the all-person category, but we still see low numbers in this category.

It will not surprise anyone that the second season of the Aile series received good results in the ratings with a very successful and strong story.

The most surprising development is that the series has not reached the first place yet. The Aile project, which is in competition with the TV series Yabani (Wild Heart) on Tuesday evenings, is expected to increase its ratings a little more in the coming weeks.

So what will happen in the 16th new episode of the series? Some details have emerged about the new episode, which will meet with the audience on Tuesday, October 17th.

In the new episode trailer, Devin said, “In this house, I now mean Leyla!” While she challenges everyone, it seems that Leyla is having a hard time in prison.

While Kaya and Zeyno argue with other children at school due to the events, Devin’s actions to defend Leyla and the children attract attention.

Aslan’s words to Devin gradually increase the curiosity and excitement about what will happen between the two.

Aile is on Show TV with its new episode on Tuesday evening at 20.00.