Returning to the sets with the Yüz Yıllık Mucize series, Ebru Şahin's new image is on everyone's lips!
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2 April 2023 08:44


Returning to the sets with the Yüz Yıllık Mucize series, Ebru Şahin’s new image is on everyone’s lips!

Famous actress Ebru Şahin is in the lead role in the TV series Yüz Yıllık Mucize (Hundred Years of Miracle) with Birkan Sokullu.

While the series, which will be broadcast on Star TV on Thursday evenings, is eagerly awaited, the actress who will portray the character of Harika will meet her fans with a brand new image and story.

Ebru Şahin, who is excited and returns to the sets with a different character after a very challenging story like Destan (Epic), is making a brand new start.

The actress also renewed his image in this process. Ebru Şahin, who shared her latest version on Instagram with her straight hair, received thousands of likes and many complimenting comments.

Cedi Osman, Ebru Şahin’s husband, was one of the first to compliment… Cedi Osman sent a heartfelt message to his wife with the message, “A sweet smile suits her, her eyes are worth a lifetime.”

Ebru Şahin also responded to her love with heart and embarrassment emojis.

Ebru Şahin’s fans also made thousands of comments stating that they liked the final version very much. Her followers complimented her, saying, “Your beauty overshadows everything.”

Ebru Şahin, who has a large fan base especially abroad, receives many comments from different languages, and how popular the actress has become internationally is evident from the diversity of these comments.

Ebru Şahin, who has rapidly increased her fan base on Instagram with 4.2 million followers, also has many followers who stated that she likes her curly hair more…

It should be noted that the wonderful character in the new series of the famous actress will attract attention with her curly hair.

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