Fans of the foreign TV series have embraced the TV series Adım Farah, and now it's even more open!
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2 April 2023 08:15


Fans of the foreign TV series have embraced the TV series Adım Farah, and now it’s even more open!

It seems that the new favorite of the TV series fans, who follow the Turkish TV series industry closely and live in different geographies, will be Adım Farah (My name is Farah)… The great wave of interaction that Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek’s fans put forth on social media has grown exponentially and to attract a wide range of TV series viewers who love Turkish TV series towards this project. started.

We often see the comments of people from different languages on social media about Adım Farah, and this situation continues to increase. Just like in the Tuzak (Trap) series, there is a large fan base that defends Adım Farah more than the local audience and is curious about the story. It seems that this situation will bring foreign sales to the fore, just like in the Tuzak series, and will cause Fox TV to embrace the project more.

Tuzak series gets very low ratings in Turkey, but tv8 doesn’t plan to cancel it until the end of the season. Because, although the ratings are low, the interest in the drama from abroad is very high and the sales are at a good level.

For Fox TV, there is a possibility that Adım Farah will reach very large sales figures abroad. This possibility requires the series to be supported more independently of the ratings.

The first episode ratings of the “Adım Farah” series were not suitable for such important leading roles and a strong story. So it was low. The ratings increased in the second episode, but still, this is not the right of the project.

It was expected that the series would go above the 8 ratings, but for now, this has not happened.

If it reaches this level, it can also take the first place in the Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman) series, which has been the number one on Wednesday evenings for 4 seasons.

This ensures that the ATV championship, which has been going on on Wednesday evenings for years, passes to Fox TV.

It has become as important as how popular Adım Farah will be among the followers of Turkish series abroad, as well as the point where it will go in the ratings in Turkey.

Especially if you look at the comments under the posts about the series on youtube, you can see many comments in many different languages.

These posts actually point to the rapid spread of the series abroad.

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