All Series Revenge | Subject – Actors – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV Series)

Revenge | Subject – Actors – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV Series)

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Revenge (İntikam), In D House and Disney prepared by Turkey cooperation, directed, Mesude Eraslan and call Vila Lostuvalı of his scenarios in Berkin Oya and Nuran Evren, penned by Seth have the action and drama is a Turkish television series. Adapted from the US TV series Revenge.

The Revenge series, which featured important names such as Beren Saat, Yiğit Özşener, Nejat İşler, Mert Fırat, Zafer Algöz, was a production that attracted great attention. The series, which remained on the screen for a total of 44 episodes, left a big mark behind it.

Channel: Channel D
Producer: House of D – Disney Turkey
Genre: Drama-Action
Release Date: January 3, 2013 – February 20, 2014
Venue: Istanbul
Duration: 90 minutes
Music: Atakan Ilgazdağ
Starring: Beren Saat, Yiğit Özşener, Nejat İşler, Mert Fırat, Zafer Algöz, Arzu Gamze Kılınç, Alican Yücesoy, Engin All, Başak Daşman, Ezgi Eyüboğlu, Can Sipahi, Burak Davutoğlu.
Cast: Dilşad Çelebi, Zeynep Özder, Seda Demir, Didem Uzel, Çağdaş Agun, Tilbe Saran, Ahmet Saraçoğlu, Nesrin Kazankaya, Ceren Reis, Görkem Demirkan, Rıza Sönmez.


During its publication, the social media accounts of the series were actively used. Trailers from all accounts, photos from the series and various information were shared.

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The main character of Revenge, which was adapted from the US TV series ‘Revenge’, was played by Beren Saat. In the original production, Mert Fırat as Emre, Yiğit Özşener with the name of Rüzgar, Engin Hepileri as Hakan, Arzu Gamze Kılınç as the name of Şahika Arsoy, and Haldun Arsoy as Zafer Algöz. The series made its final with the 44th episode. Mesude Eraslan directed the first season of the series, which consists of 22 episodes, while Çağrı Vila was the director in the second season.


The most precious thing they have in life is each other, a father and a daughter. A happy, peaceful little family. Everything starts when Adil, the father of this family, is slandered. The owner of the bank that Adil manages defrauded his own bank and put the blame on Adil. The woman he falls in love with also plays a big role in this slander against Adil. Adil cannot prove his innocence and is sentenced to prison. His daughter Derin is detached from his father and sent to the orphanage. Father and daughter, will never see each other again.

During his years of deep alone, he is made to believe that his father is a criminal. Adil, who is in prison, has only one wish from life. His daughter Derin learns that he is innocent. Adil writes diaries to tell Derin all the facts. Derin will reach his father’s diaries only the day he turns eighteen. However, it is too late to save his father Adil. In prison, he died as an innocent and lonely man.

There are two ways in front of Derin, who learned that his father was innocent years later. Either to forgive everything and start a new life, or to avenge her father. Derin chooses revenge. To do this, delete all history and life. She returns with a new identity that no one knows about, among the people who took away her father and childhood. Derin’s name from now on is Yağmur Özden.

Derin, now as Yağmur Özden, is against her enemies. None of them know that Yağmur has infiltrated them to get revenge. None of them realize how dangerous this beautiful young woman is. Yağmur knows all of her enemies very well and will ask them to account one by one. Revenge begins with a single step and goes to the grave. Yağmur is ready for this journey.


Actor (Character)
Beren Saat (Yağmur Özden / Derin Çelik) Derin changed their identity and history with her friend Yağmur Özden to take revenge on the Arsoy who caused her father’s death. Now she is Yağmur and she is ready for revenge.
Nejat İşler / Yiğit Özşener (Rüzgar Denizci) is Derin’s childhood love. She falls in love with Derin, whose fake name is Yağmur she. However, he recognized Yağmur, whose fake name is Derin, as real Derin and started a relationship with him.
Mert Fırat (Emre Arsoy) is the only son and heir of the Arsoy. He has been with Derin for a while, whose fake name is Yağmur.
Alican Yücesoy (Ali Sülen / Sinan Soylu) is Fake Yağmur, the former lover of the real Derin.
Engin Hepileri (Hakan Eren) is the owner of Heren Holding and the companion of Derin, whose fake name is Yağmur.
Zafer Algöz (Haldun Arsoy) The boss of the Arsoy is the father of the family.
Arzu Gamze Kılınç (Şahika Arsoy) is Haldun’s ex-wife, mother of the Arsoy. She is an anonymous witness in the Arsoylar case. The people around see her as the queen. She has a relationship with Adil Çelik and a daughter (Cemre) from this relationship.
Başak Daşman (Yağmur Özden / Derin Çelik) has changed identities and backgrounds with her friend Derin. Now she is Derin. Telling the Rüzgar that she was Derin, she was with him and fell in love with him.
Ezgi Eyüboğlu (Cemre Çelik) is Haldun Arsoy’s stepmother, the real daughter of Adil Çelik and Şahika. She is in love with Barış.
Dilşad Çelebi / Zeynep Özder (Aslı Sağlam) is Şahika’s assistant, Haldun hires her and tries to control her by making him her lover.
Can Sipahi (Barış Denizci) Brother of the Rüzgar. He is in love with Cemre.
Seda Demir (Selen Durmaz) is the stepdaughter of the Arsoys. SHe is in love with Emre.
Didem Uzel (Leyla Saygın) is Şahika’s best friend. She has a relationship with Haldun. She fell from the balcony and lost her life while escaping from Adem.
Çağdaş Agun (Igor Medvedev) is the teacher of Derin, whose fake name is Yağmur.
Burak Davutoğlu (Adil Çelik) is Derin Çelik’s father and Şahika’s lover. He is killed by his brother.
Tilbe Saran (Hale Çelik) The mother of Derin, whose fake name is Yağmur, is Adil’s ex-wife.
Ahmet Saraçoğlu (Seçkin Işık) is the author of the book The Reality of Adil Çelik.
Nesrin Kazankaya (Nurdan Gümüşçü)
Ceren Reis (Derin’s childhood)
Görkem Demirkan (Little Rüzgar)
Rıza Sönmez (Brother) Spokesperson for Initiative.


The shooting of the Revenge series was made in Istanbul. The mansion, where the character of “Yağmur”, played by Beren Saat in the series, lived, aroused great interest among the audience of the series. The mansion in Kanlıca has a history dating back to Sultan Murat the 4th. Yali was built by Şeyhülislam Bahai Efendi.


The music of the Revenge series belongs to Atakan Ilgazdağ. The instrumental generic soundtrack of the series also got full marks from the audience.

Revenge Series Generic Music


The first trailer of the Revenge series was released in December 2012 on Kanal D and the social media accounts of the series. The first images were greatly appreciated and aroused the audience’s curiosity.

First Introduction:

You can watch all the trailers of the Revenge series on the official Youtube account.


Revenge series met with the audience on Kanal D screens on January 3, 2013. The series, which continued for 2 seasons, made its final with the 44th episode, which was broadcast on February 20, 2014.

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You can watch some of the unforgettable scenes of the revenge series below;

The moment it all ends

Yağmur & Aslı

Fighting Stage

Kissing Scene

Final Stage