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6 July 2022 10:44


Romantic celebration from Deniz Baysal to her husband

Famous actress Deniz Baysal drew attention with the posts published by her husband Barış Yurtçu on his birthday. The couple who got married in September 2019 shows that they are happy and peaceful in every share.

The couple who marries after having love for a long time, also catches the eye with their harmonious state. Barış Yurtçu, who was born on May 19, 1983, celebrated his 37th birthday with his wife at home.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, the couple shared this happiness together with their own cakes and alone at home. Deniz Baysal also made a wind of romance with her posts.

Deniz Baysal published a congratulatory message saying “Happy birthday my child, my husband, my darling, my friend … I love you so much”.

The actress also shared another birthday cake. The happy and cheerful states of the couple filled the eyes.

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