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3 July 2022 19:14


Hazal Subaşı told the backstage of the dance scene in The Pit series!

In The Pit series Aras Bulut İynemli and Hazal Subaşı had a very popular dance scene. This scene, which took place in 4 episodes in the third season of the series, was remarkable. Many TV series fans open this scene from youtube and watch it from time to time. Hazal Subaşı talked about the background of the scene, which gained 6 million views on Youtube.

A viewer asked Hazal Subaşı, who participated in a program on Youtube, how many hours this scene was shot.

The actress said, “We danced a lot. We danced for 4 hours. It was very hot that day. The bottom of the square was marble. The sun was passing to our head. But it was a very fun scene. We made it 8-9 times since it was shot from many angles from start to finish. It was beautiful, tiring but very fun. ” she said.

Hazal Subaşı also stated that she was satisfied with the projects she took part and that she did not have a regret project.

“The character of the Nehir is a strong character, very independent, alone but still alive,” said the actress, reminding that the character of the Nehir in The Pit series is pregnant.

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