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7 July 2022 00:26


The strange nature of Hazal Subaşı and the unknowns

Hazal Subasi,  answered questions from her fans on Onedio youtube channel. The actress, who shines her name with the daily series titled You Name It, A Glimmer of Hope ise Enough, The Ring played the leading role in the series. The actress joined The Pit series in 2019 with the character of Nehir.

One of her fans said that her eyebrows are frustrating. Hazal Subaşı said, “You are so right. It bothers my nerves. But what can I change?” Hazal Subaşı, who cannot tolerate selfish and lazy people, loves to cook and stated that he watches food videos all day.

Expressing that she does not like rude people and those who are making orders, the actress said that such people annoy her.

She who received bad comments and criticism on social media said, “There is nothing to do. If it is not a criticism in place, I do not care. Something I will consider about my job. I care. The person who wants can write whatever he wants, I don’t care at all.”

The actress, who wants to take part in a cinema project, is also waiting for commercial films. Stating that she has no aesthetics, Hazal Subaşı explained that her favorite feature is compatibility and can adapt to any environment. The actress said that sometimes she was a person without color, which also caused problems with her friends from time to time.

Expressing that she has never eaten piles from her friends and that their friendship has continued since her childhood, Hazal Subaşı said that she considered her lucky.

The actress who gathered feathers while walking on the road told us that this is her dislike. Expressing that she has a cat at home and plays with these feathers, Hazal Subaşı said that when she saw a white feather, she took it and believed that it would bring luck and opportunity.

Hazal Subaşı said, “I fight calmly and maddeningly,” she said that she cried when she got angry and cried when she was sad.

Describing someone in her life, the actress made a crazy shopping with the money he earned first. Hazal Subaşı said, “I did shopping wildly. I did a lot of disdain. I went to a shopping center and spent all the money I earned. Then my mother got angry with me. Then I loved wearing those clothes.”

She, who explained that she was able to gain weight very quickly and lose weight, mentioned that she could adjust it herself. Hazal Subaşı, who lost weight by eating less, doing sports and pilates, said that she did not have a regular program.

She, who admits that she has fake accounts on both Twitter and Instagram, says, “I think everyone has a fake account. Don’t lie. I was using something like a fashion page. While I was studying at the university …. No moment. Am I believable? not, but I don’t use it. ”

The actress, who tattooed her mother and father’s birth date on her body, spoke in French, “Make the right decisions, live happily” in the tattoo on the chest.

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