Saying goodbye to Duy Beni, Durul Bazan is experiencing the excitement of a brand new project!
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2 December 2022 17:29


Saying goodbye to Duy Beni, Durul Bazan is experiencing the excitement of a brand new project!

Born in 1972, Durul Bazan is considered one of the most important names in the Turkish theater and cinema world. The actor, whom we often watch in TV series, last played a role in the youth project called Duy Beni (Hear Me).

Durul Bazan has added great value to the projects he has been involved in and continued to convey his experiences to young names at every opportunity. Duy Beni, which made the finale with its 20th episode on Star TV, gave the actor the chance to meet with many young names. The actor, whom we watched in the character named Fikret, will now evaluate the proposals for new projects after the project is finalized.

Durul Bazan took a very important step in preparing young people for acting by opening a training center bearing his name. The actor said, “This is a day when a dream comes true. It is very special for me. A breaking point in my life. I’m 50 years old, halfway through my life. Now, this is a center for young children to pass on what I have accumulated in my saddlebag so far, and for them to come together and infect each other with their talents.”

Explaining that talented children will grow up in this education center by being influenced by each other, Durul Bazan stated that he will do his best to support them.

Durul Bazan provided training to many young people before and prepared them for the profession. The master actor said that he loves working with special children. In addition to supporting many young and successful names, the fact that these names have come to important places gives Durul Bazan great pride.

The master actor said, “I love working with special children. I’m proud of all of them because they’ve been so successful. “My biggest motivation is their success,” he said.

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