Series News Saying goodbye to the Veda Mektubu series, but a very successful exam has been given!

Saying goodbye to the Veda Mektubu series, but a very successful exam has been given!


Veda Mektubu (The Farewell Letter) series began broadcasting towards the end of last season. The gathering of very important names such as Nurgül Yeşilçay, Selim Bayraktar and Bennu Yıldırımlar impressed the audience. Rabia Soytürk and Emre Kıvılcım, the young names in the lead roles, also became a very successful TV series couple.

Veda Mektubu series has never received the ratings it deserves, but it has managed to connect a large audience with its story. Even if the acting performances were as good as the story, it would be unfair for the project to leave early. With the support of Kanal D, the passionate attitudes of the viewers on social media, and the decrease in rating expectations in the summer, the Veda Mektubu series has managed to stay on the air until now.

All this process both increased the loyalty of the audience to the persistent Kanal D, and the Veda Mektubu stood out as a good project to get through the summer period. The team of the series also experienced the peace and happiness of doing a job that lasted up to 24 episodes.

The Veda Mektubu series will make its finale on Monday, August 21, with its 24th episode. There will be events in the finale that will surprise the audience. Everyone is eagerly awaiting what will be the end of Aslı and Mehmet.

The bullet from Hatice’s gun hits Mehmet. Mehmet is taken to the hospital immediately. While Aslı does not leave Mehmet’s side, she begs those around her to find Hatice.

While Mehmet is taken into surgery, Aslı can’t stand it anymore and faints. The first thing Aslı, who has fainted, asks when she wakes up is her baby. Well, did Aslı drop her baby? Is Mehmet dead?