Artists News Sea pleasure from Asena Tuğal

Sea pleasure from Asena Tuğal


Asena Tuğal, who spent the quarantine in her home in Bodrum, Yalıkavak due to the coronavirus, recently played the character of Hülya in the Afili Aşk series.

The actress takes walks from time to time and shares her Instagram account. She, who stated that she has entered the sea today, realized whether many famous names want to do it. As these celebrities often share old photos from the beaches, Asena Tuğal was jealous by swimming.

Stating that her mother had her hair cut, the actress also shaved her dog Tesla.

The famous actress said, “My mom cut my hair today, and I shaved Tesla for the first time. The weather got warmer here. We went into the sea for the first time under excuse but we had a big panic when someone was there. The effort to discover the most uninhabited places never ends. Hello new world” she wrote and posted her photo below.