Series News Confession from Hazal Kaya for Our Story series!

Confession from Hazal Kaya for Our Story series!


Hazal Kaya, who played the leading role in the Turkish adaptation of the Shameless series, Our Story, had great success on the screen for 3 seasons. The series made a final last May (2019) and said goodbye to the screen. Hazal Kaya, who played a leading role with Burak Deniz in Our Story, which remained in a total of 70 episodes, evaluated the old series 11 months later.

Speaking on İbrahim Selim’s youtube program, Hazal Kaya stated that the first version of the English-made Shameless tells a lot of British families and their troubles, while the other American-made version is very solid and different. The famous actress stated that what was skipped in us, the Shameless series in the USA was not broadcasted on a national channel, and that the script was very comfortable and wide in that it was broadcast on the paid channel.

In Turkey there is a change to be published in the national channels, indicating that further differentiation of character as well as cultural Hazal Kaya, “If you actually look at section by section to receive many responses, things are very risky. In fact, this time we will explode. If the audience is very involved in the world, he accepts the characters as if he loves the world. The things he does not stick to him. The Turkish audience has such a thing. ”

Hazal Kaya, who made the character “Fikret Elibol” for the character portrayed by Reha Özcan in Our Story series, said, “There was a scene where the children would be taken from the house to the orphanage. Ratings have skyrocketed, a scene we cry. It was really terrible. The audience learned that it was the father who took the children out of the house and did not get angry. Very strange. Because he accepted him like that, ” she said.

When there was a scene where Hazal Kaya made fun of the disease, there was something we said, “What will it be? There was something like making fun of a disease. I said, we exploded, we were finished, we were ruined. It was part 4. They laughed a lot like this, I follow it on Twitter, my grandmother also laughed. When they accept, they never judge. If they are not very sure about whether to love or not, it comes to matter. ”

Explaining that they pushed the boundaries with scenes like this to our story series, Hazal Kaya added that they were very surprised that there was no reaction.