Series News Hazal Kaya explained the power of Our Story series

Hazal Kaya explained the power of Our Story series


Our Story series was adapted from the English production of Shameless. The series also has an American adaptation.

We talk about how big our TV series sold abroad these days are doing. But we are skipping a huge success of Our Story. At this point, Hazal Kaya provided important information.

The famous actress says, why it is not praised when it comes to Turkish, but British and American productions are getting more praise in our community. However, Our Story series reached the masses that the American and British version could not reach. It also achieved this success in different parts of the world.

Hazal Kaya’s words about her old series are actually understood as a system for the Turkish audience.

Hazal Kaya said, “I’m getting angry at such things. I think this is very disgraceful about the fact that we do not like this own property. It is a Turkish thing, I think it is very shame. Because we always forget, we have reached Our Story to many countries that Shameless’s American version cannot reach. They will follow Shameless. It is very upsetting that this power is denied and we are mocked “.