Series News Eda Ece misses the Forbidden Apple series

Eda Ece misses the Forbidden Apple series


Fox TV’s popular drama Forbidden Apple met with the audience in the 74th episode 4 weeks ago. During the shooting of the 75th episode of the series, the work on the set was stopped due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Eda Ece, who increased her popularity with the series, shared a message that she missed the character of Yıldız from her instagram account. She, who has not left her house due to quarantine, has now announced that she will start watching the series again from the first episode.

Many fans also made comments stating that they missed the Forbidden Apple series like Eda Ece. Eda Ece’s reminder excited the followers, wondering if there was a new development.

Eda Ece, who left a message saying “See you in new episodes,” also drew attention to not giving any time.

The famous actress wrote in the message, “I miss playing Yıldız, our color faded at home. I start watching the Forbidden Apple from Season 3 Episode 1 today. Or let me take it from the beginning. We shot 75 episodes.”