Şebeke is such a different series that Pelin Karahan could not believe what she was reading!
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3 February 2023 16:08


Şebeke is such a different series that Pelin Karahan could not believe what she was reading!

Pelin Karahan announced that the new series in which she will play the leading role will be broadcast on the digital platform of TRT.

For the series, an agreement was made with Furkan Palalı as the male lead. There is also information that Ceyda Ateş will be one of the female leads of the series. Pelin Karahan spoke as follows about the new series Şebeke (Network): “I hope TRT’s digital platform will open in March. It will be one of its launch projects.”

Explaining that she was also in talks for the project recently, the actress said that she quickly became involved in the project. Explaining that they will be on the set with Furkan Palalı in the network series, Pelin Karahan said, “There is Furkan, I have not met the other cast yet. It will be a different job. You can see me like you’ve never seen before. It is different, completely different,” she said.

Pelin Karahan, who stated that she would take part in the Şebeke series with a very different role and was excited about it, stated that women in the series are usually presented to the audience with crying and sad roles, and that this is wrong.

Karahan said, “ The subject is a different matter. There is a Şebeke, a very different woman. There is a possibility that there may be more than one woman in an episode. Let me give you a little hint,” she said.

Stating that her image can be very different and that she can take on different characters in one episode, Pelin Karahan seems to experience great changes like a chameleon in the Şebeke series.

Mentioning that she was very excited while reading the script, the actress said, “It’s actually very pleasant that they can write this to a woman. It’s the first time I’ve seen a female character change from start to finish. The woman will also transform a lot in herself. I think it’s good, it’s fun,”she said.

Explaining that the realities of Turkey will be reflected in the Şebeke series, Pelin Karahan stated that the audience will be faced with a very different scenario.

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