Artists News Şebeke series means more to Pelin Karahan than a series!

Şebeke series means more to Pelin Karahan than a series!


You will have a hard time getting to know Pelin Karahan in Şebeke (Network), one of the launch series of TRT Digital! Pelin Karahan is in the excitement of a new series. The actress said that this excitement is at the highest level, as she will take part in a very different role that she has not played so far.

The new series called “Şebeke” will meet with the audience on TRT Digital and the shooting will start very soon. There is a curious wait for the series whose preliminary preparations continue. Pelin Karahan did not want to give details about the subject of the series and her role.

Since it will be one of the opening projects of the TRT Digital platform, which is expected to open in March, this series is given great importance. In addition to Pelin Karahan, Eren Hacısalihoğlu and Furkan Palalı also take part in Şebeke, which is planned to shoot other seasons after the first season of 10 episodes.

The messages of Pelin Karahan, who was excited to play a very different role, were remarkable. The actress said, “We are starting the series this week, it had pre-works and intensity. We have a new series called Şebeke. Its shooting will begin. It will be on TRT’s new digital platform. The first season will have 10 episodes. We have a good staff, ”she said.

Explaining that she will be in a different scenario, Karahan expressed her excitement as she will play a very different role.

The actress said, “It’s a nice, different scenario. It’s a very fun role for me to play. This time it will be a role where the audience will watch me differently. That’s why I’m so excited for myself. It’s a different job, we look forward to it, “she said.

The fact that the actress drew attention to her new role several times in interviews and said that she would reveal a different character also created an expectation among her fans.

Pelin Karahan, who is preparing for the series, taking care of her family at home and showing up at launches, continues to stay on the agenda energetically.

In the series, which will reflect the story of a network, the successful actress is also expected to portray multiple female characters. Mentioning that she was very excited while reading the script, the actress said, “It’s actually very pleasant that they can write this to a woman. It’s the first time I’ve seen a female character change from start to finish. The woman will also transform a lot in herself. I think it’s good, it’s fun, “she said.