Artists News Secrets will be revealed one by one in the O Kız series, Dilin Döğer will be on the agenda!

Secrets will be revealed one by one in the O Kız series, Dilin Döğer will be on the agenda!


The O Kız (That Girl) series, broadcast on Kanal D screens on Wednesday evenings, has been telling a strong drama story since the day it started. Sezin Akbaşoğulları, whom we watched as Sitare in the series where Erkan Petekkaya performed in the character of Kadir, also showed his acting skills.

Dilin Döğer, who plays the character of Zeynep, who started to be known with the O Kız TV series, has very good days in her career. The actress has come to the fore on social media and feels the difference of being a key role in the story of the series. Dilin Döğer is one of the people who benefited most from the TV series “O Kız” in terms of both being on the agenda and improving her acting skills.

In the script of the O Kız series, a period will begin when the secrets will begin to be revealed one by one. There will be an environment where the character of Zeynep will be spoken more and you will hear the name Dilin Döğer more in social media and in the press.

Zeynep will experience a confrontation that will affect the audience, among all the conflicts in the story. What awaits the character of Zeynep, who is struggling to find herself. On this subject, Dilin Döğer said the following in her statement on the Set Extra program:

“What does Zeynep not expect? Zeynep’s life is surrounded by nails, surrounded by all the people around her… She destroys one nail, the other nail comes. She finds herself in the effort she gives and realizes herself. She surprises herself. Sometimes she says should I do it or not. She is in such a conflict… She continues on her way by confronting herself or making peace.”

In the story of O Kız, it is observed that the screenwriters will show more interest in the character of Zeynep in the following episodes, and the audience’s need to empathize with this character will increase with the dramatic moments.

Despite having a busy work schedule, the fact that the whole team creates a harmonious and entertaining environment on the set also emerges as an important factor in success.