See how Demet Özdemir rewarded herself!
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23 March 2023 05:38


See how Demet Özdemir rewarded herself!

Demet Özdemir, who has reached huge fan masses in different countries of the world with his Day Dreamer series, is now giving his fans a different experience with the series My Home My Destiny

Speaking to millions of people by participating in a famous Italian program the previous week, the actress also made a great fortune with these successes in her career.

Demet Özdemir bought a new villa for himself to reward her success. According to the news in the Hürriyet newspaper, the actress again spent 4 million TL for her house.

The actress, who is dealing with the renovation of the villa in Zekeriyaköy, is waiting to move from her house in Acarkent and move to her new villa.

The famous actress, followed by 11.3 million people on Instagram, is someone who often shares photos from her home and likes to provide various information about her private life.

It is stated that the player, who is closely interested in the decoration of his new home, has received sponsorship offers from various brands.

It was stated in the news that Özdemir’s new villa has two floors and a garden and pool belonging to her.

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