Seeing Demet Özdemir's outfit, she mercilessly criticized it!
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1 February 2023 11:37


Seeing Demet Özdemir’s outfit, she mercilessly criticized it!

Demet Özdemir is constantly on the agenda with her partnership with singer Oğuzhan Koç, as well as the TV series and films she has acted in. The expensive clothes of Demet Özdemir, who were followed by the tabloids, became the agenda again.

The actress, who is admired by fashion writers from time to time for the clothes she wears and the combinations she makes, is sometimes the target of criticism.

This time, the beautiful actress, who was again the target of criticism arrows, was talked about a lot on social media. Demet Özdemir’s yellow dress, which allegedly paid thousands of lira, became the agenda on social media.

The price of Demet Özdemir’s dress was shared by a person on Instagram. The price of the dress, which belongs to a famous brand, is 14 thousand 863 Turkish liras. The price of the sandal worn by the actress under the dress was announced as 345 Turkish liras.

While this expensive outfit of Demet Özdemir was found rotten by most of the followers, the price of the dress was also found to be exaggerated.

The actress’s dress received negative comments from her followers. One person wrote, “It’s a very bad outfit, it’s tiring for the eyes.”

Another commented, “You can buy 15 better dresses for that money.”

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