Seeing the final version of Isabella Damla Güvenilir is surprised!
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1 October 2022 20:59


Seeing the final version of Isabella Damla Güvenilir is surprised!

Elif series, which was broadcast on Channel 7 screen, continued for 5 seasons in total. Along with Elif, which is published daily, child actor Isabella Damla Güven has also gained great popularity. Isabella, who started the series as a child actor, is known as a star, especially because the series is very popular in South American countries.

After the series, which passed on the screen on June 10, 2019, with the 940th episode, how much has changed and grown, Isabella Damla Güven, who has not been seen in the middle for almost a year, has been revealed with a photo frame.

Born in 2009, İsabella Damla Güven is currently in her 11th year. Isabella, who attended Derya Şen Akbacak’s son’s birthday with her mother and father for 5 seasons, was also surprised by the viewers.

Beautiful actress Derya Şen Akbacak and famous chef Ayvaz Akbacak, the most beautiful fruit of her love, Toprak Can Akbacak, turned 3 years old. Celebrating their son’s birthday with their close friends in Şile North Beach, Derya Şen Akbacak and Ayvaz Akbacak signed an unforgettable new age with the different concept they prepared while enjoying the Black Sea.

Derya Şen Akbacak has played 5 seasons together, and she joined her birthday with her friend İsabella Damla Güvenilir, her mother Yurdanur Güven and her sister Nazlı Güven.

The holidaymakers, who saw the two stars side by side on the beach, entered the picture taking race with İsabella Damla Güven and Derya Şen Akbacak for a long time.

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