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20 August 2022 04:42


Seeing the state of the actors behind the camera of Camdaki Kız set, you would say ‘oh pity’!

It is not possible to guess behind the scenes of the TV series that we enjoy watching on television. What happened during the long hours of work is full of details enough to be the subject of a separate movie. Especially on sets where the crew sometimes works for a few minutes for the scene, the actors have long waits and preparation processes behind the camera.

Sometimes the players have to jump into the sea on cold winter days, and sometimes they work for hours in thin clothes in houses that seem to be actually warm.

The set rush for both the behind-the-scenes staff and the actors in front of the camera continues in a week to finish the movie-length episodes.

Most of the time, photos of the actors waiting for their scenes in the shooting places or in the trailers are reflected on social media.

In these photos, viewers not only look for tips on the new episode, but also have the opportunity to see the actors behind the camera.

Especially in the shootings in big and old mansions, the suffering of the actors on cold days is also different! Aside from the difficulty of heating these large spaces, the spaces that are constantly in and out and preparations for the stage are inevitably cold.

Nowadays, when the winter days are slowly making itself felt, it is possible to see many actors sitting in fleece dressing gowns during their set sharing.

Sometimes they take shelter in the blankets brought to them and wait for their scenes. You can see a similar situation on the set of the Camdaki Kız series.

Selma Ergeç, who gave life to the character of Selen in the series, posted a pose taken with the other actors of the series on Instagram while she was waiting between the scenes.

The actress, who dropped the note “Today is cold for those who work”, shows that they are trying to warm up by wrapping themselves in sheets they found from the set. While waiting for the stage with Burcu Biricik, Devrim Yakut and Feri Baycu Güler, it seems that they were quite cold.

Yet another share came from Burcu Biricik. The actress sits wrapped in a fleece dressing gown while her makeup and hair are being done. It is understood that they are in a cold environment because of the fleece dressing gown on the actress who reposted the post made by Tuğrul Tülek, the actor of the series, with the note “It is not easy to be a princess.”

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