Series News Sefirin Kızı series actors are changing the image!

Sefirin Kızı series actors are changing the image!


In mid-March, the shooting of the Sefirin Kızı was suspended. It is not known when the new parts of the production will be shot. However, perhaps new episodes may not be shot.

The reason for this is that the players change their image one by one. First of all, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu had his hair cut and changed his image.

Now a similar change came from Edip Tepeli, who brought the Kavruk character.

Ayşecan Tatari and Edip Tepeli were married in 2017. The couple, having a happy relationship with their eyes, does not leave their houses because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Edip Tepeli’s hair was also on his wife. The final version of Tepeli stunned his fans.

These varying images of the cast of Sefirin Kızı also strengthened the possibility that other episodes of the production will not be shot this season.