Artists News Selen Görgüzel renewed herself from top to bottom!

Selen Görgüzel renewed herself from top to bottom!


Selen Görgüzel, who focused on her music career after her great success in acting, is on the lists with her latest song “I Don’t Care”. Drawing attention with her voice and talent, Selen Görgüzel invests in herself by taking lessons from masters and spending her money on stage clothes…

Selen Görgüzel, who has proven herself in the field of acting by taking part in many TV series and cinema projects over the years, such as ‘Mahallenin Muhtarları’, ‘Kurtlar Vadisi’, ‘Türk Malı’, ‘Avrupa Yakası,’ ‘Belalı Baldız,’ ‘Deli Duran,’ ‘Oğlum İçin,’ ‘ She played important characters in popular TV series such as ‘Doktorlar’.

Selen Görgüzel, who added television to her career after acting, is a screen personality who is on the agenda with everything she says in the morning program she hosts.

Selen Görgüzel, who is a jack of all trades, has recently focused on her music career. Selen Görgüzel, who reached large audiences with her singles and stage performances, received full marks from music lovers with her latest song “I Don’t Care”. Selen Görgüzel, who has earned a rightful place for herself in the music world with her talent, continues to improve herself without saying “I am”.

Görgüzel, who takes regular lessons from master music teachers, rehearses with her orchestra three days a week, even if she does not have a concert.

She invests what he earns from the stage into his stage. Selen Görgüzel, who appeals to her audience’s eyes as well as their ears, appears on stage with the designs of world-famous fashion houses such as Valentino, Gucci, Dolce Gabbana and Turkey’s leading fashion designers.