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29 May 2022 05:34


And the first details of Gülse Birsel’s new series started to come! A comedy project is on the way!

Gülse Birsel, who won great acclaim for the TV series she wrote and starred in, has been away from the screen for a long time. The actress was on the screen most recently with the sitcom Jet Sosyete. During this time, Birsel was exhausted by writing a 120-minute episode every week and playing at the same time.

Gülse Birsel, after this difficult experience, also stated that she would not write a series for the screen unless the durations were shortened from now on. Birsel, who has accomplished unforgettable works such as Avrupa Yakası, Yalan Dünya and Jet Sosyete, also announced that he is working on a feature film and a series in the upcoming period. Birsel said, “I can’t say that I prefer digital because jokes are beeping on national channels. I made this decision because of the long series times, my work will be 35-40 minutes. The 120-minute series is tiring for both the audience, the writer and the actor.”

With this explanation, the possibility of writing a series on the screen was also difficult. As a matter of fact, it was learned a while ago that she wrote her new series for the digital platform, not for the screen this time. Gülse Birsel has been working on the script of her new series for a long time. Birsel, who shared the frames from her tired moments with her followers with humorous sentences from time to time, also conveyed that she had a difficult time for her new project.

There was not much information about her upcoming new project, but she recently gave an interview to Masa Magazine and made some statements. Gülse Birsel stated that the series will have 8 episodes and that it will be a comedy production again. She also said:

“To a digital platform. It’s not a sitcom, so it’s a laughing effect etc in the studio. not in real places. A good cast is planned. We think it will be shooting in the summer. But I’m in the script writing phase right now. It’s a current story. I can’t give any other clue.”

The actors of the series are not yet known. In addition, it has not been announced on which digital platform it will be released. But considering Birsel’s previous productions, it is obvious that she will return with a production that has been thought through in detail, has characters that could be phenomenal, and has plenty of comedy.

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