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3 July 2022 16:04


Sen Çal Kapımı was TT in the world with #evlenbenilme!

Sen Çal Kapımı, which made an early finale due to the first season not getting enough ratings, and blowing like a storm with its second season, achieves a new success with each episode. The TV series broadcast on Fox TV shook the world agenda on social media with its 46th episode broadcast on Wednesday evening.

The hashtag of the 46th episode of the series, starring Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, was #evlenbenilme. In the 47th episode, Serkan, played by Kerem Bürsin, is expected to propose to Eda. This situation has increased the dose of excitement in the series.

While the hashtag of the 46th episode of the series was among the world’s agenda with 1.1 million tweets, it was TT in 27 countries. This success of the series Sen Çal Kapımı was announced with the sharing made on the official Twitter account of the series.

The 46th episode of Sen Çal Kapımı was once again full of romantic scenes. This situation, which Eda and Serkan take on as part of their role, are slowly starting to turn into reality, as they draw a picture of a happy family in order to enroll their daughter Kiraz in a good school. In the 47th episode, which was introduced, Serkan is expected to propose to Eda.

By the way, there are only six episodes left until the finale of the series. As Sen Çal Kapımı close to the finale, it is thought that the scenes full of love and emotion will gain weight in the next scenes.

Now the audience is waiting with great curiosity for the 47th episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, August 4th.

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