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6 July 2022 10:00


Kadir Doğulu’s rebellion is very justified, and his style is wonderful!

Famous actor Kadir Doğulu waited for a new project for more than a year after saying goodbye to the TRT1 TV series Vuslat at the beginning of 2020… Kadir Doğulu, who was waiting for the right project because of the effect of the pandemic period and being a picky person, returned to the screen with the series Aşkın Tarifi.

In fact, the famous actor himself announced that the project was prepared for the winter season, but was pulled forward. Explaining that he did not make a distinction between summer and winter series while choosing a project, the actor said that he had no other thought than to portray the character in the scenario that came to him in the best way.

There have been allegations about Kadir Doğulu in the tabloid press for a while that he will leave the series, and his wife Neslihan Atagül’s jealousy of his rapprochement with Serra Arıtürk is shown as the basis for this.

However, these claims are of course not true. The Aşkın Tarifi series, broadcast on Kanal D screen on Monday evenings, continues shooting in a fun and peaceful way. Although the ratings of the series have decreased with the effect of summer, it is seen that the story is loved and affected a wide audience.

Neslihan Atagül made a reference to these jealousy allegations by sharing a suggestive Instagram post and took it to ti… Kadir Doğulu was also asked about the allegations that he would leave the series and that his wife was jealous.

The magazines, who took the opportunity to meet the Aşkın Tarifi series team for dinner due to the good job, asked the actor about these allegations. Kadir Doğulu, keeping his usual politeness and style, explained that these allegations are not true.

Journalists repeatedly asked, Kadir Doğulu implied that neither he nor his wife was a party to this issue, and that the tabloids were trying to create an agenda by putting forward these allegations and then asking him.

Kadir Doğulu said, “I’m not going to say anything about it. You are producing. you are asking. You will then ask the producer about it,” he said. By saying that he is not in a position to respond to every claim made, the actor stated that there are many similar claims in the magazine and that these are issues that have nothing to do with the facts, and that they are produced at the desk.

Kadir Doğulu said, “Unreal things are constantly being produced. He said, “You should ask questions,” and expressed the claim that the tabloids produced various claims themselves in order to create a topic.

Even the style of Kadir Doğulu, who said, “We are trying to talk about something that does not exist,” and that all these allegations are false, was telling a lot.

Although the famous actor made it clear that he was very bored with all these claims and living the same things all the time, he proved his right by keeping his style and telling his troubles.

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