Artists News Sera Kutlubey was criticized a lot at first, now she is getting praise!

Sera Kutlubey was criticized a lot at first, now she is getting praise!


Sera Kutlubey, who met her fans again on Fox TV with the series of İyilik (Goodness), became popular with the character of Cemre in the TV series Zalim İstanbul (Zalim İstanbul). Born in 1997 in Istanbul, the actress is still at the beginning of her career.

Sera Kutlubey, whom we have been seeing on the sets since 2016, has gained significant experience in various TV series so far. Sera Kutlubey, who played a role in the TV series The İsimsizler as well as Babam ve Ailesi (My Father and His Family), managed to attract the attention of millions of viewers with the Zalim Istanbul series, which received great acclaim in 2019 and 2020.

Sera Kutlubey, who also took part in the Hercai series for a short time as Azra, continues on her way with her drama roles. The actress, who played the character of Damla in the series İyilik, which lasted 8 episodes last season, started to appear on the screen with the same role in the new period. The İyilik series, aired on Friday nights, has a story where intrigue and deception come to the fore.

Sera Kutlubey was one of the leading actors in the series İyilik, along with Hatice Şendil, Perihan Savaş and İsmail Demirci. Her fans initially criticized the actress a lot for this role.

The criticism of her followers later turned into praise because of the character Damla, who gave the image of “the woman who destroyed the nest”. Although the actress has drawn the arrows of criticism in terms of the character she plays, she is also praised for her success in conveying the emotion of such a character to the audience.

The series of İyilik started to meet with the audience as of the evening of September 10 with a bomb-like 9th episode. From now on, those who go in front of the series on Friday evenings will have the opportunity to watch how effectively Sera Kutlubey performed in the character.

The fans of the series said, “Sera Kutlubey does justice to the role of Damla. She really lives the role,” she praises the actress. The viewers, wondering how Damla will take her revenge on Neslihan in the new season, have realized how important this role is for Sera Kutlubey’s career.

Damla, the woman who stole the heart of a married man and destroyed her home, will come to the fore in the second season of the series İyilik with her intrigues and revenge. This shows that an unforgettable period will be experienced in Sera Kutlubey’s acting performance.

The audience, who think that characters like Damla are too many in society, do not hesitate to applaud Sera Kutlubey’s performance even though they criticize this character.

The 10th new episode of the İyilik series will meet with the audience on Friday, September 16.