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7 July 2022 00:51


Seray Kaya, who is mad at the audience in Woman’s series

Woman on Fox TV series, which is very popular in Turkey.

Everyone hates Shirin, the psychopathic character of the drama-loaded Woman series.

Nobody can give meaning to the problem with Şirin’s older sister Bahar.

Şirin’s lies are all tired now.

The people of Şirin who cause Sarp to disappear and do not move his hair after that are very angry.

There are a lot of people who think that Şirin is troubled at the time of closing the clinic.

Nobody is able to stand in the way that Annesi Hatice constantly protects Şirin.

The lies that Shirin told his mother appeared.

Hatice’s attitude is also very curious whether she will give Bahar his sister.

Seray Kaya plays the charming character magnificently.

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