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6 July 2022 10:18


Black White Love ruthless man in his knees!

Kanal D ‘s successful series attracts attention with Cuneyt’ s psychopathology in Black White Love.

Cuneyt’s only request is to beat Ferhat and become Namik’s right-handed …

Cüneyt, who has a relationship with Gülsüm and makes children from him, is the first among the hated characters of the series.

Cuneyt, who had been harassed by all the traps he had set up, finally killed Asim’s abyss Cem.

Cuneyt character, played by successful player Cahit Gök, does not define a limit in psychopathology.

The followers want Birce Akalay to kill Cuneyt from the Asli, which he portrays.

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