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7 July 2022 07:52


The most psychotic character in Turkish series Vedat

As the ATV started, the storm series that gave birth to the lifeline of the psychopathic Vedat Sayar …

Vedat, who has been violent since childhood, even killed his uncle to save his cousin Eyşan …

Elini is not afraid to get into the blood and the only weakness is Nefes …

Nefes bought from his father has been closed to a house for 8 years.

Vedat, who made all kinds of torture to the breath, became the most psychotic character.

Try every way to get the Nefes and Yiğit.

Vedat, we are still wondering how to do evil.

Successful player Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu gives life to Vedat character.

Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu convinced everybody in character because of his terrific acting.

He even receives threatening messages.

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