Turkish TV series attract great attention in Spain
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29 September 2022 11:10


Turkish TV series attract great attention in Spain

Turkish TV series in Spain are especially watched by female audiences. Among the Turkish series broadcast on the thematic channel called Nova, it is always wondering which ones are watched most.

Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet Cadde, shared this situation in his column. According to the article of Sina Koloğlu, who cited the website Formorulatv as a source, it was revealed that the 5 most watched series and how many people were watched on the thematic channel named Nova TV.

Sina Koloğlu wrote: “Sir, there is also a ranking on the Turkish TV series. The first five are: ‘What is Fatmagül’s Crime?’ Is the first with 744 thousand people. It is followed by “Lifeline” (585 thousand people), “Sıla” (579 thousand people), “Mother” (579 thousand people), “Hercai” (513 thousand people). (Source: formulatv) ”

As can be seen, the number of views of Turkish TV series in Nova, which is the thematic channel, does not point to the masses. Among the Turkish series broadcast in Spain, a single Woman series deserves to be viewed with another eye.

Woman living in a sequence similar to that seen in Spain’s great interest in Turkey, was a big success. The first Turkish TV series broadcasted in prime-time within national channels in Western Europe was again Woman.

Being the most watched TV series on Tuesdays during the 3 seasons it was broadcast on FOX, the woman started broadcasting in prime time on the Antena 3 channel of Atresmedia TV Group, one of the largest media organizations in Spain.

The series, which was sold abroad in Spain with the first episode broadcast, undertaken by Calinos Entertainment, reached 12 million shares in prime time and reached over a million viewers and became the leader of Tuesday night. This development also shows that the Woman’s series is the most watched Turkish series in Spain.

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