Series News Will Meriç Aral leave The Oath series?

Will Meriç Aral leave The Oath series?


Star TV’s most popular series is the 37th episode of the song’s 1st trailer,

The main roles of the series are Aybüke Pusat, Tolga Sarıtaş, Mustafa Yıldıran, Görkem Sevindik and Burak Sevinç.

Actress Meriç Aral who plays the character of action.

In the series, Agah shocked everybody pointing a gun at Eylem.

Fethi and Eylem were kidnapped. Agah came to save them.

But it was surprising that Agah suddenly pointed the gun at Eylem.

The only question in the minds of viewers watching these scenes was, “Is action going to die?”

In the drug operation, where Eylem was on a secret mission, his attempt to capture Selim was not good at all.

Selim, who missed Fethi and Eylem, tortured Fethi.

Agah handed the gun to the action, Agah struck the trigger but we never saw Eylem again.

For this situation, the viewers; “Agah has a definite plan!”, “It was Action first then September; now the tarihe is buried! “,” The man who stabbed his son shot Action very much! ”