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21 May 2022 18:34


How will Akın Akınözü and Öykü Karayel’s Kaderimin Oyunu series walk into the second season with these ratings?

The 17th episode of the series Kaderimin Oyunu (Game of My Destiny), which was broadcast on Star TV on Friday evenings, is left behind. The series, which received very good ratings when it first started and fascinated the audience with its story, was caught in the Friday competition. Although the Kaderimin Oyunu made a difference with its first episodes on Friday evenings, where many different TV series were featured, the audience’s interest began to wane.

At this point, the interest in the series has dropped to its lowest level… When we look at the ratings of the 17th episode broadcast on Friday, April 15, we see a picture that upsets the audience. The fans of Akın Akınözü, who spread all over the world, show a lot of interest in the TV series “Kaderimin Oyunu”, and its overseas sales are likely to be very high. However, it has to be admitted that even if the series completes this season, it is less likely to continue in the next season.

Everyone knows that Star TV’s second season deal with producer NGM Media has been announced. This gave the audience confidence, but there is no guarantee that the series will not make an abrupt finale. Akın Akınözü and Öykü Karayel duo came to the fore as a good TV series couple. Meriç Aral and Sarp Apak also put forward performances that do justice to the lead role.

Kaderimin Oyunu is also in an effective position on social media with both its story and its actors. Especially foreign series fans also show great devotion to the story. However, the very low ratings obtained in the 17th episode spoil this positive picture.

The series, which could be 10th in all people, declined to triple ratings. Twelfth place in AB and thirteenth place in ABC1. There are 2 odds in AB and ABC1, and we can say in the past experience that many Star TV series in this situation make an early finale.

As a result, it should be said that the possibility of continuing the series “Kaderimin Oyunu”, which lost the interest of the audience, in the second season, is very low.

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